With iBanFirst, regain control

Using cutting-edge technology, iBanFirst provides immediate and measurable cost and time savings on all aspects of international transactions, giving you full control of the process.


Remove risk and

From all your international payments


Build trust

With your trading partners, suppliers and customers


Optimize cash

Pool cash, hedge risk and finance growth

Simplify management of all currency accounts


Any account, any currency, 100% online

Open multiple accounts in 30+ currencies through an easy online process.


Manage all your accounts

Connect your external bank accounts to the iBanFirst platform to get the full picture of your corporate accounts.


Dedicated accounts

Accounts in your company name facilitate and accelerate the routing, identification, and reconciliation of payments.


Fully control foreign currency payments

iBanFirst gives you control of your international payments. Through a single online platform, you drive all aspects of foreign currency transactions: exchange, transfer, hedging, cash management.


Unified process

Regardless of the transaction type, everything happens in the iBanFirst online platform. Through a single operation, you can unlock a line of credit, exchange funds with a known FX rate, secure a FX rate through hedging, issue a payment.


Real-time, instant transactions

iBanFirst puts you in control of the execution. At all times, you view the exact parameters that will apply (FX rate and fees), and you decide when is the best time to execute the trade. Pricing is firm - what you see is what you pay.


Don't get surprised by unexpected fees and commissions! With iBanFirst, you get full visibility on all costs. And they are very competitive, too.


Real-time FX rate

Get real-time access to the foreign exchange market as well as full visibility over the rates and spread applied to your transactions.


Low payment fees

Know upfront how much a payment will cost you. iBanFirst constantly works to optimize payment routes and reduce payment costs.


No surprise

Fees and commissions are transparent and simple - unlike the myriad of fees that banks charge, often after the fact. What you see is what you get: no bad surprise with iBanFirst!

Robust and user-friendly financial services platform


Quality of service

iBanFirst delivers a quality of service that is simply unmatched by banks, especially for their non-strategic accounts. You can trade currencies 24 hours a day, talk to your dedicated account manager who knows you and your business, and access domain experts at your convenience.


Unmatched user experience

iBanFirst has been voted FinTech Scale-up of the Year, named an Emerging Star in the FinTech100, and continues to receive praise and recognition from customers and from the entire industry. Its modern, agile and user-friendly platform is easy to use, account opening and onboarding only takes minutes and is done 100% online.


Robust and trustworthy partner

With its broad capabilities, covering the full spectrum of banking expertise, iBanFirst is a partner you can trust to do their job and to do it right. Fully licensed and regulated as a Payment Institution, iBanFirst has built a cutting edge, highly scalable core banking infrastructure that ensures the speed of transactions, but also the quality and security of service.

Integrate with applications and processes

Access an end-to-end iBanFirst experience by integrating the platform with any system.


Thanks to native integration, access all the features of the iBanFirst platform, directly from your Isabel 6 interface.


Leverage the European banking connectivity standard to send payments through, and to directly receive account statements from iBanFirst into, your ERP or TMS.


Open, RESTful APIs allow you to integrate iBanFirst with any application and process.

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