Competitive and transparent

You never have any bad surprises and you are guaranteed a complete and secure offer. The cost of your operations is known before validation.

iBanFirst Real-time exchange rates

Real-time exchange rates

The platform offers you an online quotation, updated every 10 seconds, as close as possible to the interbank rate.

iBanFirst transaction fees

Transparent transaction fees

Where your bank charges a percentage, we don't charge anything. You pay only the option chosen for the transaction: BEN, SHARE or OUR.

iBanFirst No additional costs

No additional costs

No commission, no transaction fees, no account maintenance fees. Free account from 100 000 € of international payments with exchange per year.

Real-time exchange rates as close to the market as possible

The real-time rate is displayed on your screen. Find out immediately the rate applied and the total cost of the operation.

Real time exchange rate iBanFirst
This pricing is valid starting from 100 000 € of payments with exchange per year.