Hong Kong

HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
Convertible: Yes - Transferable: Yes - Exchange rate regime: Floating
Hong Kong

Types of transaction

FX Spot FX Forward
Delivery date: T; T+1; T+2 Maximum maturity: 24 months
Liquidity: Good Liquidity: Good

EUR/HKD parity: liquidity schedules

EUR/HKD parity: liquidity schedules

Did you know?

Monetary policy

  • The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) is the institution responsible for maintaining the monetary stability and integrity of Hong Kong's banking and financial system.
  • Price setting method: the exchange rate is defined as fixed against the USD. Since 2005, the HKMA maintains the USD/HKD parity in a range 7.75/7.85. It intervenes punctually in the foreign exchange market when the spot price is too close to the fluctuation limits referred to in the previous sentence.

Features and highlights

  • Although now an integral part of China, Hong Kong enjoys a large degree of autonomy, which is particularly reflected in financial and monetary terms.
  • HKD is a very liquid currency, and one of the only ones in Asia that is fully deliverable and transferable.


There are no special restrictions on the purchase and sale of HKD.

Expert opinion

Due to the indexation of the HKD to the USD, the evolution of the EUR/HKD is perfectly correlated with that of the EUR/USD.

Payments in HKD to Hong Kong

The IBAN format is not mandatory in Hong Kong. Payment instructions must contain:

  • The BIC Code of the beneficiary bank
  • The full name and the account number of the beneficiary.
Public Holidays 2018 (subject to change)
New Year’s Day 2 January Tuen Ng Festival 30 May
Lunar New Year 28-31 January SAR Establishment Day 1 July
Ching Ming Festival 4 April National Day 2 October
Good Friday 14-15 April Mid-Autumn Festival 5 October
Easter Monday 17 April Chung Yeung Festival 28 October
Labour Day 1 May Christmas Day 25 December
Buddha’s Birthday 3 May