SEK - Swedish Krona
Convertible: Yes - Transferable: Yes - Exchange rate regime: floating

Type of transactions

Delivery date : J; J+1; J+2 Maximum maturity : 12 months
Liquidity: Good Liquidity: Good

EUR/SEK parity : liquidity schedules (GMT)

EUR/SEK parity : liquidity schedules (GMT)

Did you know?

Monetary Policy

  • RiksBank (RB) is the central bank of Sweden: its function is to ensure non-inflationary growth of the Swedish economy by maintaining price stability.
  • Price setting method : the exchange rate is described as "supervised". Indeed, if no target price is decided by the RiksBank, it reserves the right to intervene when the evolution of the exchange rate against the main currencies (EUR, USD ...) threatens the objective of stability of the price.

Features and highlights

  • Riksbank will introduce in 2018 a cryptocurrency called e-krona. This is part of the authorities' desire to reduce the use of cash in the country.


There are no special restrictions on the purchase and sale of SEK.


Expert opinion

  • Despite the recognized stability of the Swedish economy, the krona has experienced very marked cycles of change in the face of the single currency. Thus the EUR / SEK lost nearly 30% between 2009 and 2013 and has regained almost 18% since.

Payments in SEK to Sweden

The IBAN format is mandatory. Payment instructions must contain the full name of the beneficiary.

Public holidays 2018 (subject to change)
New Year's Day Jan 1 Ascension Day May 10th.
Epiphany Jan 6 National Day June 6
Good Friday March 30 Midsummer Eve OBS June 22
Easter Monday Apr 2 Christmas Day Dec 25
Labour Day May 1 Boxing Day Dec 26