MXN - Mexican Peso
Convertible: Yes - Transferable: Yes - Exchange rate regime: floating

Type of transactions

FX Spot FX Forward
Delivery date : J; J+1; J+2 Not yet available
Liquidity: Good

EUR/MXN parity: liquidity schedules (GMT)

EUR/MXN parity: liquidity schedules (GMT)

Did you know?

Monetary Policy


  • Banco de Mexico (BdM) is the central bank of Mexico, whose function is to ensure price stability in the Mexican economy.
  • Price setting method: the exchange rate system is described as floating, but the BdM has a policy of active intervention on the foreign exchange market. The goal is, most often, to defend the peso against the US dollar.

Features and highlights

  • The only freely convertible and transferable Latin American currency, the Mexican peso is considered extremely liquid by the markets.


    There are no special restrictions on the purchase and sale of MXN.

    Expert opinion

    The Mexican peso is extremely volatile because it is influenced by 3 main factors: the variation of the price of energy (oil ...), the appetite of the markets for the risk and finally the political and economic relations of Mexico with the United States .

    Payments in MXN to Mexico

    The IBAN format is not used in Mexico. Payment instructions must contain:

    • The BIC Code of the beneficiary bank.
    • The full name and address of the beneficiary.
    Holidays 2018 (subject to modifications)
    New Year’s Day 1 January Independance Day 16 September
    Constitution Day 5 February All souls Day 2 November
    Juarez Birthday 21 March Mexican Revolution 20 November
    Labour Day 1 May Our lady of Guadalupe 12 December
    Puebla Day 5 May Christmas Day 25 December