Your international activity

iBanFirst Accounts in more than 25 currencies

Accounts in more than 25 currencies

Our accounts in 25 currencies cover more than 90% of international payment flows. Need to pay a supplier in a new currency? Add a new account in a few clicks

iBanFirst Nominal IBANs

Nominal IBANs

iBanFirst is the only payment institution to offer dedicated IBANs. Each of your iBanFirst accounts has a dedicated IBAN starting with FR or BE. A dedicated IBAN is the guarantee that each payment will be correctly allocated to your account

What features for your payments?

iBanFirst Pay in more than 240 countries

Pay in more than 240 countries

Pay your beneficiaries in their currency

iBanFirst Add your beneficiaries instantly

Add your beneficiaries instantly

Add your beneficiaries online, one by one or by mass import by loading a file. They are instantly validated

iBanfirst Fast Transactions

Fast Transactions

Instant transfers between iBanFirst accounts. Payment in one, 24 or 48 hours to all your beneficiaries

Transparent fees

Free transfers between iBanFirst accounts
Local, European or international transfer fees indicated as soon as the payment is entered - you know exactly what you are paying

iBanFirst Notify your beneficiaries

Notify your beneficiaries

Your beneficiaries are automatically notified when a payment is made - no more hand-written emails or phone calls

iBanFirst Track payments

Follow your transactions

Track your payments on your iBanFirst platform

iBanFirst signatures

Signature management

Decide who can validate a payment and the number of signatures required to validate a payment

iBanFirst Member of the SWIFT and SEPA networks

Member of the SWIFT and SEPA networks

Member of the SWIFT network for fast and secure execution of all your international transfers
Member of the SEPA network for all your credit transfers within the SEPA zone (34 countries)
SEPA Direct Debit for your recurring invoices and payments

Your foreign exchange transactions

iBanfirst 24/7 trading room

Access a 24/7 trading room

Be connected to the foreign exchange market 24/7

iBanFirst foreign exchange transactions

Transparent, real-time foreign exchange transactions

Your exchange rate is refreshed every 10 seconds - validate the exchange rate at which your transaction is executed
Currencies are available on your account without delay

iBanFirst FX Alerts

Automatic FX Alerts

Schedule alerts to be automatically notified when a currency crosses a target rate

iBanFirst Forward

Buy your currencies forward

Buy your currencies forward at a fixed rate to secure your margins

iBanFirst Trigger Orders

COMING SOON: Automatic Trigger Orders

Schedule automatic trigger orders - they will be executed if the target price is reached before the set date.

Simplified accounting

iBanFirst Dashboard

NEW: Dashboard

View your account balances, transactions that require your attention and exchange rates from a single page

iBanFirst Accounting Management

NEW: Advanced Accounting Management

Categorize your transactions, enter VAT and load your receipts to enrich your accounting exports. Exports to CSV, OFX, MT940 and Coda formats - and more to come

iBanFirst history

Unlimited history view

Accédez à vos transactions et à vos relevés de comptes sans limite de durée

iBanFirst API


Integrate the iBanFirst API to go further and connect your iBanFirst account to your ERP

A secure solution

iBanFirst Double authentification

Double authentification

All your sensitive transactions (add or modify a beneficiary, validate a payment, create a new user, connect a new device, etc.) require a one-time code received on your phone.

iBanFirst Yubikey


Connect a Yubikey USB key for simplified and enhanced dual authentication

iBanFirst Device and connection detection

NEW: Device and connection detection

We detect new devices - they must be validated with a single-use code at their first connection
We also detect and record connections, so you know who logged into your account, when and where.

iBanFirst Advanced role management

Advanced role management

Finely manage your users and their rights (adding beneficiaries, entering payments, amount limits, payment validation, etc.)

iBanFirst European regulations

European regulations

We are regulated by the National Bank of Belgium and the ACPR (Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution) in France.