iBanFirst helps companies around the world

Doing business with other countries can sometimes be costly, complicated and time-consuming. Especially when it comes to your foreign exchange and international payments. At iBanFirst we provide a simple, secure and cost-efficient way to help you process all your foreign exchange and cross-border payments. With iBanFirst, you have a fast, online and safe method to:

  • Save up to 70% on your payment (transaction) fees, because of our:
    • Transparent pricing, and
    • Real-time exchange rate
  • Your account is free to create and keep if your company makes per year over €100K foreign exchange transactions - conversions, or conversions with payments at the same time
  • A choice of 23 currencies: we believe this is more than any other provider.

Less cost, more transparent

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Competitive & transparent




Efficient & reliable





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iBanFirst: 3 easy steps to master international payments

iBanFirst Process: 2 minutes


Step 1

Access your platform, select your currency and choose your wire beneficiary


Step 2

Request a quote. We give you access to real-time FX rates with 100% pricing transparency ahead of the payment validation


Step 3

You validate the rate we offer. Your wire transfer is processed immediately. No other charges or fees are applied to your transfer

Bank Process: 24-48 hours

Wire transfer with banks