United States

USD - American Dollar
Convertible: Yes - Transferable: Yes - Exchange rate regime: Floating
United States


Types of transaction

Delivery date: T; T+1; T+2 Maximum maturity: 24 months
Liquidity: Good Liquidity: Good

EUR/USD parity: liquidity schedules (GMT)

EUR/USD parity: liquidity schedules (GMT)

Did you know?

Monetary policy

  • The Federal Reserve of the United States (FED) is the central bank of the USA. It is in charge of the monetary policy of the country. Its main objectives, set by the US Congress, are to maximise employment and promote price stability (low inflation); all within a framework of moderate long-term interest rates.
  • Price setting method: the exchange rate is floating because the value of the USD in relation to other currencies is determined solely by the law of supply and demand.

Features and highlights

  • The dollar is the world’s reference currency, used as a basis for listing on many markets (commodities, industries, etc.), and also it is the main reserve currency of many countries’ central banks.
  • The decisions taken by the FED therefore have an impact on all monetary policies in most countries of the world.


There are no special restrictions on the purchase and sale of USD.

Expert opinion

The EUR/USD is the most traded currency pair in the world, which explains why it is extremely liquid. In 2016, for example, it accounted for nearly one in four trades in the foreign exchange market.

Payments in USD to the United States

The IBAN format is not used in the USA. Payment instructions must contain:

  • Either: the ABA routing number / Fedwire Routing number (9 digits), and the name, address and account number of the beneficiary
  • Or: the BIC Code of the beneficiary bank, as well as the name, address and account number of the beneficiary.
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