How much could you save?

Whether you're importing, exporting, or paying for services, we're here to make your money transfers more efficient.

From Euro to many currencies and back again. You get the market rate to which we add a small fee. See how much you can save with our transparent pricing. Take the test.

Why choose iBanFirst?

For years, we have processed international payments for business owners like you.  We use our experience to ensure we are one of the most competitive services on the market.

Always transparent on fees

Whatever we build will be easy to use

Quick to save you money

International Payment Capabilities

Whether you are paying suppliers, receiving payments from your clients accross the world,  or wanting to protect your margins against currency volitlity, we are here to help.

Create multi-currency business accounts
Get free Euro business current account
Online platform 24/7
Dedicated account management
Track your payments
Create market alerts
20+ currencies available
See transactions and reporting

How to get the best exchange rates

iBanFirst vs Average Bank

International payments with iBanFirst
Step 1

Decide to make a transfer, select the currency to send and receive.

Step 2

Decide to make a transfer, select the currency to send and receive.

Step 3

We contact all banks to find the best rate for you.

Step 4

We connect through our API in real-time giving you complete transparency.

International payments with your average banks.
Step 2

The bank requests a rate from its investment bank supplier.

Step 3

The investment bank sets the rate and adds markup #1.

Step 4

Banks talk to each other to fix the price and never in real-time, so you never get the real rate.

Step 5

The transaction is complete with a fixed rate and two markups.

What they say

We have made the system as easy to use as possible.

  1. Set up your account

    Speak to one of our expert account managers. We will perform diagnostic and compliance checks, free of charge.

  2. Access our platform

    Set up your first beneficiary, your first transaction, set up rate alerts and watch currency markets.

  3. Send or receive funds

    You will get your EUR or other currency business account, and access all your banking details to send or receive funds. After that, you will be able to monitor all your transactions anytime.

What they say

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