Kies een plan dat bij u past.

We hebben drie tariefplannen. Zie het als een trap, groei van de ene trede naar de volgende en ga omhoog en omlaag volgens behoefte. U bent niet aan een trede gebonden. Gebruik wat u nodig heeft. Het gaat om wat voor u geschikt is.


For businesses at early stages. Until now, banks had a monopoly on desposit certificates. We have unlocked that for you.

We have found the right partners to give you an end to end digital company creation service. You can use this service to set up your company, get a busines current account and your virtual card. All the tools you need to get started.

Create your company online, all digital

Unique to France, you can use our service to create your company ONLINE and get a business current account in next to no time. This is revolutionary .

Free business current account

You get a Euro online payment account. No facility for cash or cheques.

Prepaid Virtual Cards

Get a prepaid virtual card instantly to pay for everything you need online.

France ONLY
Create company
€ 150
IBAN account
Opening fees
Prepaid virtual cards
Free & Unlimited
Multi-currency account
Upgrade to International
Fair Use Policy:

EUR 100k of incoming payments

EUR 0,5 per Incoming and Outgoing SEPA

Business Current Account

Flexible business current account
for €14,90/ Month.

At this stage, you have already created your company and you are working to grow it. You don't have a lot of time and you don't want to pay more than you need. Create your business current account in 2 minutes and enjoy better fees right away.

Better prices than the banks

Save up to 70% vs the banks. Having a business bank account with a bank is expensive. We can do it for less, check our pricing table below. 100% online. 


Pick and choose the services you need, you only pay for what you use. Monthly billing, cancel whenever you want to. 

Open an account in 2 minutes

An account open in 2 minutes instead of 2 weeks using our all-online process.

iBan Account
€14,90 / month
Opening Fees
€ 50
Prepaid Virtual Cards
Free + Unlimited
Multi-currency account
Upgrade to International
SEPA payment
Total Savings vs Average Banks
Fair Use Policy:

EUR transactions 20K / Month

Incoming payments: 10/ Month


Design for your scaling business with an international mindset. 90% of CFOs don’t know they are losing on their international payments. Are you?

International payments are complex and expensive. We can help you make sense of it all with our international payments accounts.
Take the test below and discover how much you can save. 

Save on exchange rates and fees.

Save up to 50% compared to the banks.

Real time exchange rates for transparent pricing.

See the market rate and transparent pricing when quoting. Its accessible all online. Make or receive payments, its real-time and its fast.

Your multi-currency account online.

Manage up to 20+ currency accounts in your online secured platform. View and report, add beneficiary. It’s easy.

How much could you save?

Whether you're importing, exporting or paying for services, we're here to make money transfer more efficient. 

From Euro to Dollar and back again. You get the market rate to which we add a little fee. See how much you can save. Take the test. 

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