Why choose iBanFirst?

We come from the banking and fintech world and we decided businesses needed a better banking alternative. We have created that solution.

Always transparent on fees

Online and easy to use

A cheaper alternative to the bank

Business Account Capabilities

Whether you are looking to open a fast and easy online business bank account, or you are ready to say goodbye to your bank, iBanFirst offer you an efficient online solution.

Open a business account in 2 minutes online
Get free Euro business current account
Online platform 24/7
Save up to 70% compared to banks
Track your payments
Generate as many virtual single-use cards as you need
See transactions and reporting

How it works

We have made the system as easy to use as possible. 

  1. Open a business account in 2 minutes online

    The information you provide during onboarding is automatically checked and reviewed by compliance. Easy!  

  2. Access our platform

    Your Euro IBAN Account is ready to use. You can get your bank details and use it for your day to day financial operations. It's all online - no cheques or cash.

  3. Use your prepaid virtual cards

    Here you go, all ready to get started with your account. 

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