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An IBAN account to enable access to all the financial services offered by IbanFirst and its partners. Join the Platform for Financial Services that has already transferred more than one billion euros of foreign currency payments for international companies.

New generation account opening Open your company account online. With IbanFirst it is simple, fast and free.
  • Find your company
  • Validate the information
  • Add your online signature
  • Activate your account

Find your company

Find your company with our search engine, a unique experience of IBAN account opening, simple and fast.

Validate the information

Your account opening form is smart, you just have to provide us those details which are not in the public domain.

Online Signature

We have automated regulatory controls allowing us to ensure the online generation of the contract and immediate access to the platform.

Activate your account

Once the activation of your account is finalized, we will send you details of your account with IbanFirst.

International payments Our core business of foreign exchange and payments. Save up to 50% on foreign currency transfers.
Send and receive payments with confidence
Higher quality of service and payment performance than your bank. Since 2012, IbanFirst has acquired wide expertise in foreign currency payments. In 2015, we processed more than one billion transactions and more than 100,000 operations.
Convert your currencies at the market rate
Save up to 50% on FX commissions typically applied by the banks. Find real-time FX rates on our platform, closest to the market. Our rates are transparent, no hidden fees.
Put in place a multi-currency IBAN structure
A one-stop-shop for your international banking needs. Get nominal IBAN accounts in 17 foreign currencies for optimal currency management.
Open an INTERNATIONAL account online for your company An account manager can assist you in this process.
The Financial Services Platform for SMEs The entrepreneur's tool box with a package of financial services created by IbanFirst and its partners.
  • Create a company A new way to start a company, online, from anywhere.
  • FACTORINGAccess the value of outstanding invoices before they are paid.
  • E-COMMERCEAll you need to launch your online business, in any currency.
  • MOBILE APPManage your business activities from anywhere via your smartphone.
  • DIRECT DEBITManage automatic payments from your IBAN account for recurring transactions.
  • PAYROLL MANAGEMENTReduce the time spent managing payroll.
  • FINANCINGSimple solutions giving access to financing for businesses using technology.
  • Debit CardCreate virtual debit cards to manage the business expenses of your staff.
Join the BaaS ecosystem Become a member of the Banking-as-a-Service ecosystem and help us design the bank of tomorrow.