Don’t lose money on your foreign currency payments

See how much you save with us compared to the rates that other banks are charging. You will be notified when the price reaches your desired rate.

Fast transactions and transfers

Complete payments to your suppliers in foreign currency quickly and efficiently, as our payment timelines are reduced to a minimum.

Fair and transparent fees

Request a quote and get great exchange rates.

An intuitive and easy-to-use platform

Check your accounts wherever you are, make independent payments, and add beneficiaries instantly.

Receive your IBAN instantly

Open your account in just 2 minutes and obtain your IBAN number at the same time.

Efficient and secure payment methods

Unlimited virtual cards, SEPA direct debits (SDD) and incoming and outgoing transfers.

What’s available now

International Business Account

Make your foreign exchange operations, manage payments in foreign currencies: we provide you with the best rates.

What is it

A fully digital international payment solution, with lower fees than almost all banks.


Fast, easy to use and affordable. Secured under one online platform, and backed up by account management support to help you every step of the way.

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Euro Business Account

Open a new account in as little as 2 minutes.

What is it

A business current account which acts as a gateway to the Banking-as-a-Service platform.


Pay-as-you-go. Up to 70% lower annual fees compared to traditional banks. Open your account in 2 minutes. It's easy.

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What's coming in 2017

Create your company

Coming soon. 100% digital. Unique in France.

What is it

Create your company with a Deposit Certificate, which you get online. Receive your funds in your free payment account. 


Easy, fast and 100% online. You do not need to go to your bank anymore. Be one of the first in France to create your company online. 

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Banking services for every kind of business

We're completely focused on business banking needs, with services for every stage of your growth journey. Banks understand corporate and retail banking, but they've never taken care of business banking and entrepreneurs. It's time for a change. 


What we've achieved

We started offering international payment services to businesses in 2013. In the short space of time since then, we have grown to serve over 1,000 businesses, who have used iBanFirst to transfer over: 


What they say about us

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